Thursday, July 4, 2013


Last night, as you thought I slept, your wandering hand seemed to finally stop, to linger on the thin skin at the tips of my fingers.

I thought I imagined it. Or maybe it really did happen. 
Definitely, maybe.

And this light touch
moved me so much
that in the altar of my heart, where the incense burns steady,
a hundred whirling dervishes raised their arms and began turning.

Keyword-Definitely maybe.


I would like to take a picture of you with my tiny little camera. And then I would split your head open, so I could read the serial number etched onto the back of your brain.

Then I could order more of you. Lots more. I could show them exactly what I wanted, down to the little mole on your left elbow.

Then the minutes would stop feeling this precious. Then the supply would finally exceed the demand.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This trip wasn't her only surprise.

With an inflexible determination, she picked out every single star from the sky and placed them in her little bucket. She gave him the bucket, hoping he'd like them. Some flickered, dying while some lay dead on the surface.

He cupped a softly glowing star in his hand, tears in his eyes. And then snuffed it out. Delighted.

Keyword: Trip

(Written for something that my University's Literary Society is trying out, where we give each other key words, and we write micro fiction/flash fiction with it.)


That night, do you remember? 
The night we made love so fervently that we melted not just our little igloo, but also the snow beneath it? And we trickled down past the skeletons of a t-rex and a mammoth down to the earth's very core?

You climbed out pretty easily, but I must confess, I'm still there.

Keyword: T-Rex

(Written for something that my University's Literary Society is trying out, where we give each other key words, and we write micro fiction/flash fiction with it.)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crazy Manic Psycho Texts I sent my friends while I wrote my Term Paper

2:36am-What is the meaning of life?

2:38am-I think my brain is swimming. In a soup of little brain bits. And cells. And brain liquid.

3:08am-My body feels like it fell into a cloud. Or like a litter of puppies is hugging me.

4:31am-I am a zombie. There is no turning back. I have made the change. Farewell cruel world.

5:20am-The sun is up. So am I.

6:14am-I need sleep like I need sleep.

6:56am-Can’t handle anymore. I feel so dead. I have strange body aches.

1:30pm- I just bathed. Now I feel like I’ve risen from the dead. I’m a phoenix who rose from her ashes. Hello world.

6:01pm-You have to achieve calmness. Pretend you’re a flower. Flowers have nothing to do. They just bloom. So bloom. Yo bebz.

9:31pm-I think I really am dying now. Is it because I’ve been joking about dying? The universe has smitten me. I can’t handle the emotional stress the cruel universe is inflicting.

9:40pm-ohmygod my head just stopped working suddenly. I can’t read anymore. What are words? Words are wind.

9:53pm-I finally finished my paper. My hand is like a claw. It’s this dried up claw thing with this claw like exterior.

10:01pm-Ohno now I must do bibliography. I hate it. I’m going to have my dinner. Then I’m going to cry. Then I’ll have my phoenix rebirth again I think.

11:03pm-The world is spinning before my very eyes.


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